Manchester United star Paul Pogba dines out with girlfriend after becoming dad

The partner dined out at The Ivy restaurant located in central Manchester with Maria remarkably without having the baby lump she has been toting just lately.

Although there has not been any public statement from the footballer, United legend Bryan Robson have spilled something.

He explained to the Daily Mail: “When I saw Paul last week in Dubai with the United squad, I had a little chat and congratulated him on the birth of his baby. He just seemed so relaxed and easy with things.”

Pogba is popular for his actions on social media but remarkably he has not made any statement about turning into a father. The two, supported by a minder, wandered together with each other on their dinner date. The shortage of information on the baby is tied to the way they have appeared to sustain a low key relationship.

It was at the time of the previous year’s World Cup in Russia that the romantic relationship was revealed, with Maria captured on a phot cheering on her beau.

This is the most recent good news for Pogba who has emerged from a hard time beneath Jose Mourinho as United manager. The couple had a bad relationship and now he has been provided a freer control under his latest boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, which has permitted him to display his quality.

Weather forecast UK: Snow to hit THESE Brit areas today as -15C Big Freeze arrives

Times of moderate weather is heading to a shuddering end as a bitterly chilly Arctic blast affects the entire UK. Rainfall affecting south-eastwards across the nation will change into snowfall in a mini-whiteout. However, it will be the earliest of a lot of bands of snowfall which will see most areas of the UK covered in frost in the approaching days.

Today’s snow fall will have the white stuff blanketing throughout northern Scotland, which includes Inverness and Edinburgh.

The most recent weather maps by WXCharts demonstrate the band of snow will then go southwards and get through to as far as Newcastl, while northern Wales will also experience some snow.

An additional snow cloud then travels into the nation as the Big Freeze strenghtens, leaving some areas becoming like -15C. The snow will push further away from the coast as far down south as Manchester, which will leave places like Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire coated with snow.

In a few days, the persistent wintry weather conditions will see snow become more common throughout the country, based on the WeatherOutlook charts.

The Met Office’s weather prediction for tonight states: “A cold night with widespread frost and icy patches. Windy, especially in the north with gales. Some showers, with possible snow to lower levels in Scotland, northern England and Wales.”

Meanwhile, a prediction from Meteogroup states: “(Today) it will be a damp start in the south-east, but rain will clear away to the east. Elsewhere, there will be a mixture of clear spells and scattered showers, some of which will be wintry, especially over high ground. Showers will turn increasingly to snow later across Scotland and northern England. Winds will be rather brisk.”

Man re-watches footage of him entering house with friends – what he sees is TERRIFYING

Kieran Essen, aged 23, was being recorded coming back from a shopping trip with his friends, 25 years old Amy Jardine along with 22 years old Kerrie Watson when a horrifying incident took place. Captured on camera by another friend, Lisa O’Donnell, Amy and Kerrie are the earliest to move into the house with their luggage of snacks.

However, when Kieran shows up, something strange occurs. A photo frame on the top of a coffee table begins moving before plummeting to the floor – right before the eyes of the surprised man. It broke down as Kieran was scared out of his wits. After watching the bizarre video again, which was recorded on January 5, he is now convinced that a close friend who lately passed away is at the rear of the paranormal activity.

Kieran, who came from Edinburgh, stated: “It’s so bizarre, we have watched it so much and even slowed the footage down. The frame doesn’t get pushed off it’s like it pounces towards me when I’m walking – like it’s following me.”

He discussed that Lisa had been Snapchatting them to record their journey to get treats for a lush Saturday night in.

“The next thing, that happens,” he carried on. “I was shocked as there was glass on the floor. Me and my friends were arguing at first after the photo frame smashed, I said it wasn’t me who had done it and they said it was.”

He added:

“It wasn’t until we looked back at the footage and I realised ‘oh my God it was actually none of us’.”

Kieran stated someone “very close” to him died in the last two months, which he believes to be responsible for the scary incident.

SAS hero stormed Kenya hotel ALONE to KILL terrorists and save survivors

A long serving member of the SAS was on a quest to provide training to Kenyan Special Forces at the time when the terror bloothbath happened. Four terrorists had brought out an assault at a luxurious hotel in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, starting with the detonation of a suicide belt and shooting down visitors. The orchestrated assault – which is done by terrorist group al-Shabaab has left 14 dead which include a British casualty.

Interior minister of Kenya stated “the situation is under control” and all structures were now safe. The dead numbers might have been much greater had it not been for a hero soldier, a solitary SAS member who charged directly into the chaos. The trooper had been coaching the forces when an unexpected request for support arrived, which came from Kenyan security forces, as stated by sources.

Amazing photos revealed the operator in pants, trainers and body armour going through doorways and assisting the rescue of the people trapped within the hotel complex. The unnamed soldier,, whose face was hidden by a balaclava, had used a gun to kill the militants while protecting victims.

It was reported that he heroically worked by himself at the DusitD2 hotel before being joined up in the task by US Navy Seals.

An insider stated: “UK Special Forces always run towards the sound of gunfire. He was there training and mentoring Kenyan forces when the shout went up, so they went in. During the operation he fired off some rounds – it’s a safe bet he hit his target – the SAS don’t miss.”

Moment 6ft 5ins man, 51, punches 11-year-old girl in FACE outside shopping centre

David Steven Bell was recorded being encircled by youths outside of Asheville Mall located in North Carolina. In the video, he is noticed stating to the kids to “break it up”. A girl can be then be seen storming on Bell’s direction but is forced away by him.

She approaches once more but Bell then lands a nasty right punch that connected to her face. The girl went down to the floor as the girl shooting the video shouted: “Oh my God, oh my God.”

It is not clear what took place prior to the recording of the scene. Bell was caught after the event and was indicted with assault on a child under the age of 12 and a couple of counts of attack on a female.

He was discharged from Buncombe County prison after that. Andy Banzhoff, the lawyer of Bell, stated that he was attempting to aid a woman who was being troubled by “a large pack of youths”.

In a declaration released by the lawyer, he stated Bell felt in danger and regretted using physical action against the girl. Web based jail data indicates that Bell stands at 6ft 5ins high and weighting 250lbs.

Police stated that the victim refused medical treatment and the characteristics of her wounds has not been exposed.

The Asheville Mall stated: “We are aware of the videos circulating on social media. The Asheville Police responded immediately and the situation was diffused. An arrest has been made.”