What Brexit? Armed guards deliver Krispy Kremes in Downing Street on Theresa May’s D-DAY

The Prime Minister’s withdrawal deal from the European Union will be decided to the Houses of Commons and is anticipated to be completely turned down. In spite of the hugely crucial vote that will occur, MPs have still appeared to have time to take pleasure in some doughnuts.

Video footage uploaded to Twitter reveals a bag of the sweet treats cautiously escorted in to the protected street. It is not known if the Prime Minister herself will have fun with the glazed snacks.

Andy Silke caught the moment early on this morning while standing out of politician’s home in London. After being published to his Twitter, the video has since acquired 37,000 views and mixed responses.

One viewer has commented: “Sublime messaging: Doughnut vote for the deal”.

While another said: “Little wonder they can’t think rationally with all that sugar in them!”

Other viewers likened the scene to Donald Trump’s choice to purchase 300 burgers for a White House Banquet – even though there is an ongoing partial US federal government shutdown.

One commenter stated:

“Courtesy of Donald Trump.”

Today is one of the most crucial political times in recent years.

In spite of putting off the initial vote to acquire support, over 100 Conservative MPs have announced that they will refuse May’s deal. If that take place, the government have only three days to develop a “plan B” – or risk the possibility of facing a no deal, or even no Brexit.

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