Putin getting MARRIED: Kremlin hints President will wed in secret

The strongman leader of Russia first sent the rumors into a big news that he would get wedded once again after he hinted at it last december. Talking at a news meeting, the 66 years old president stated: “As a respectable person, I will have to [get married] at some point.”

Putin was reported to be married to Lyudmila Putina from 1983 prior to the finalization of their divorce back in 2014.

He is famous for being extremely secretive about his family and relationships, with extremely small information known about his daughters, Katerina and Maria, who are both stated to be in their 30s. However, his official representative has made a hint that Putin will be married again.

Mr Peskov has been cited as suggesting that the President’s responsibilities as head of state will not be impacted by his marriage status – and also said that he does not think that he has the right to discuss to Putin about his private life.

Mr Peskov stated: “I doubt that Putin is concerned about this, and I don’t think that I have the right to ask. Whether he is married or not, it does not affect his presidential duties in any way.”

Mr Peskov was also questioned about whether or not Putin cusses when he is furious, to which he replied: “I can only say that, being a normal man, he, of course, is capable of expressing his negative opinion of this or that person or process in a way that your blood turns to ice.”

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