Gran, 71, who wed toyboy, 17, after meeting at son’s FUNERAL brags about ‘great sex life’

Almeda Errell, now 74 years old, and Gary Hardwick, now 21 years old, closed their lips for a kiss and made their love for one another as man and wife back in 2016.

The couple had been going out for only two weeks when Gary bent down on a single knee and popped the breathtaking question to Almeda. 6 days and £137 after they got wedded to each other. Then on the evening of their marriage Almeda and Gary had sexual intercourse for the very first time, which Gary later referred to as “beyond my wildest dreams”.

Now, three years after, Almeda has boasted regarding their love life – boasting that they have “great sex” and continues to be in love like the old times.

Almeda of Maryville, Tennessee stated in a video uploaded to YouTube that:

“We are always complimenting and kissing. We’re enjoying our relationship. When you meet that perfect one, that’s when you know you don’t want to lose that feeling.”

Almeda also blushed in the video regarding their date nights, disclosing that they sometimes eat out or watch movies.

She even stated that the relationship have a large distinction to her earlier relationship where there “wasn’t a lot of romance” as well as “kissing and hugging”.

Almeda, who already have 4 offspring, was formerly wedded to Donald for 43 years – but he unfortunately passed away in 2013 from issues of diabetes.

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