Dry January ‘will be DEATH of Brit pubs’ – landlords warn

Over five million individuals in the UK state that they will go sober for the month, which is a massive increase, up by a million compared to last year. Pub managers fear that struggling boozers and breweries could not deal with such a enormous drop in trade.

Sarah John, proprietor of Swansea’s Boss Brewery and quite a few local pubs, stated: “It has had a big effect on small businesses. I know a couple of breweries that closed down at the end of December because they were finding it tough.”

Dry January has been encouraged by organizations such as Public Health England, in spite of scientists stating it is not effective.

University Hospital Southampton’s Dr Mark Wright think that many will counteract this it by binge drinking for the remaining portion of the year.

And Sarah, aged 32, believes it would be more practical to consume alcoholic beverages moderately.

She stated: “I’d rather see a healthy attitude to alcohol than all or nothing. Alcohol does serve a purpose for socialisation and reducing loneliness by getting people out to the pub.”

A group of bars have introduced “Tryanuary” to advertise brand new tipples.

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