Brits braced for COLDEST weekend in 12 months as sub-zero winds sweep in

Temperature ranges will go down as climate systems similar to the one that triggered the Beast From The East arrives. Snow has been forecasted to strike the UK starting today. Within the next couple of days bitterly cold gusts of wind will howl along coming from the Arctic. Citizens have been asked to check out on senior and susceptible neighbours.

The cold weather arrives as hot air above the North Pole directs cold wind gusts to Britain. And it will have a consequence of the coldest end of the week since last January in some areas of the nation.

Helen Roberts of the Met Office stated: “It will start to turn colder on Tuesday as we begin to see a cold front edging in from the north. This will meander around Scotland to start with. This cold air will start to move across the country on Wednesday covering Scotland and northern England in the morning before continuing its journey south-eastwards.”

She added:

“Another front moves in from the north on Thursday introducing properly cold air to the country and this is when we expect much colder conditions. We may start to see some wintry showers along the leading edge of this front in some northern regions. By Thursday we are looking at maximums in single figures.”

Meanwhile, Malcolm Booth, chief executive of the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, explained: “Cold weather can often catch people off guard especially when it comes suddenly after milder weather. People should make sure they are ready for this bout of cold weather. We would also encourage people keep an eye out for vulnerable neighbours.”

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