Brit surfer, 36, dies while out surfing with pals in Sri Lanka

Jon Lewin, aged 36, had been traveling to the Sri Lanka on a vacation with friends. They had went out to go surfing early in the morning, however his surfboard was discovered just floating in the water. Local doctors were not able to resuscitate him.

Lewin, who was an author as well, divides his time among Bristol, a caravan in the Gower, Wales, and Sri Lanka.

Posting on Facebook, his girlfriend Immy stated they were having “the most amazing holiday” prior to Lewin’s demise.

She had written: ”I am absolutely devastated, words can’t even describe the hole I feel through my heart. He died in the water, doing something he loved. He had said to me before that he never felt his seizures coming on so his last moments on this earth would have been surfing a wave in his absolute element, loving life.”

Mr Lewin initially went to Sri Lanka back in 2004, and was involved in the aftermath of the Boxing Day Tsunami, which wiped out over 230,000 people.

He proceeded to pay a visit to the country a number of times, often shooting surfing photos for his job and he released a cookbook based mostly upon his time in Sri Lanka.

Last December, Jon discussed about his passion for surfing, detailing how it’s the “one thing” that kept him going forward.

He stated: ”I have been surfing since the age of 16.

“It was the one thing that kept me level through my life. It has taken me to some amazing places around the world.”

He added:

“You’re just in that moment, and time slows down, it’s just something that will be with me until I die I imagine.”

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