All services stopped at London train station after ‘passenger incident’

A “passenger incident” as well as signal malfunction, both at Liverpool Street station, caused trains to stop throughout the rush hour in the morning. Passengers were trapped on trains going into the station in the middle of misunderstandings over what triggered the interruption.

Transport for London stated that a signal malfunction prompted the travel chaos. However, passengers stated they were being informed that it was because of a passenger alarm being activated on a train due to troublesome passengers.

One posted on Twitter: “Stuck on an overcrowded train waiting to get into liverpool street because of a passenger alarm on one of the trains in front – but the driver can’t get to the affected carriage, because of overcrowding.”

Meanwhile, another one has posted: “Delayed going into Liverpool Street; train ahead stopped in tunnel due to ‘passenger action’. Driver can’t investigate due to packed train making passage difficult.”

However, TFL published on social media that: “I’m sorry to advise that due to a points failure at London Liverpool Street train services to and from this station may be subject to disruption on all routes.”

One baffled passenger responded to the post, saying that: “@LDNOverground been stuck outside Liverpool Street station for coming upto 15 mins (and still stuck). First told it’s a signal failure on four platforms. Then it changed to a passenger alarm being pulled on one. #realfactsplease”.

The problem was fixed later that day, with TFL posting a Twitter update: “Update: the disruption caused by a points failure at London Liverpool Street has now been resolved. Services are no longer affected by this problem.”

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